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Farcaster Is Open For Everyone Open Edition NFT

Help, I may be shadow-banned (written Oct 2023)

Oct 25, 20233 min read
Moment of Zen E40
podcasts / history

My reactions to Balaji on MoZ E40

Sep 10, 20237 min read
Four clear stemless glasses

Schelling Points

Aug 21, 20231 min read
a day trader wearing a cap, 4K, officee, very realistic, room with several computers, very sharp quality, his body is well built, dark hair, warm light, EURUSD charts, XAUUSD chart on the wall very well defined, waiting your entrance, ultra quality photography

How We Discovered Skew

Aug 18, 20237 min read
Astronaut photo by NASA:

The Greatest Antidote to Fear Is Competence

Apr 21, 20232 min read
Stay hydrated
ELI5 / coding

Do You Even Hydrate, Bro?

Apr 20, 20232 min read
Some reflections, a 🧵

The Patrick 32-hour blockchain video course

Oct 3, 20224 min read
useState() TS example 1
ELI5 / coding

useState and useEffect React Hooks

Sep 24, 20224 min read
CompVis SD v1-4 Quiet Night Thought Li Bai
books / history

Quiet Night Thought

Sep 11, 20223 min read