The Greatest Antidote to Fear Is Competence

April 21, 20232 min read
Astronaut photo by NASA: unsplash.com/photos/OLlj17tUZnU
The greatest antidote for fear is competence. — Cmdr. Chris Hadfield

Fascinating and the opposite of terrifying

This guy:

  • uses a VPN
  • uses a yubikey
  • disables phone 2fa on gmail
  • never entered ledger seed (which has passphrase) online
  • never stored it on any device that has connection to the internet
  • uses a separate laptop ONLY for crypto
  • uses QubesOS that only has brave and discord installed
  • uses @_joinfire and @DefiLlama web extensions to warn of malicious approvals
  • uses @Rabby_io 95% of the time

An amazing community response on CT, including some entertaining and good-natured (?) shitposting.

Dude's been open, transparent and accountable throughout.


As a kid in Reagan's America, I was convinced I would die of AIDS when a bully took his ABC gum out of his mouth and smacked it on my lips.

We all just went through the pandemic. Huuuge relief, followed by not-so-much Hot Boy Summer. Fully vaxxed, and still wearing masks for prolonged indoor exposure with strangers. See people freaking out about AGI apocalypse. Serious People say (again) We Are All Going To Die. Also, imminent massive bank failures due to unrealized losses on HTM Treasury portfolios. Bank runs in a digital age, not just pensioners lining up outside Northern Rock. Remember people freaking out about China's property market collapse (Evergrande) which would lead to Taiwan invasion which would lead to nuclear WW3. We had predictions that old Brits and Poles would freeze and die over the winter because of 10x energy prices and no tomatoes etc. on grocery shelves disrupted by supply chain snags and global inflation, so send tanks to Ukraine.

Eliezer gets his moment in the sun. Rightfully so. He has very thoughtful takes and apparent integrity. But my pattern-match says, Roubini and Taleb also had very good and necessary points to make at the time.

I still remember how, in elementary school we all used to stand up and recite the Pledge of Allegiance together. I remember huddling with our heads under wood-and-metal desks, to practice for Russkie nukes. This was before there was any hint of shoe-bombers requiring us to take off our belts for TSA, or active shooter drills in schools and churches. Ecclesiastes 1:9

DYOR as waste of time?

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