my journey on Alchemy's Road To Web3

July 27, 20221 min read
My reflections, a 🧵
My reflections, a 🧵


Make sure to try all the challenges!

My public projects

Week 4: NFT Browser + my own challenges/enhancements [Vercel]

Week 7: NFT Marketplace [Goerli]

I have a bridge to sell you

Week 9: Token Swap 0x API + UI enhancement to use all networks [Replit]

Week 10: Lens Protocol🌿 + Lit🔥/Kudos🎉 token-gated content for fellow RTW3 members [Vercel]

Build in public. Week 6 9 10 code

Learn in public. Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 tweets
🌿🔥🎉 Week 10 challenges tweet

(each tweet commemorating a week's completion has a follow-up tweet showing off my PoK)

Best moment: when Vitalik jumped into our thread to share his self-made software package

@artlu99/status/1547141501402206210 @TheRoadToWeb3/status/1547453696870473730 @TheRoadToWeb3/status/1547453696870473730

web3RTW3PoK NFTscome for the tech, stay for the communityVitalik
長話短說 (short + sweet):
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