Schelling Points

August 21, 20231 min read
Four clear stemless glasses
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Ever play recreational football with a bunch of Swedes? if you're not ready for give-and-go, it's an instant turnover. Germans: everyone surges forward. Italians: regroup, probe then counter-attack.

Similarly, basketball-playing Aussies can meet halfway around the world, and it's pick-and-roll non-stop. See a tall Eastern European dude with a big butt, don't be surprised when he pops out and starts hitting threes.


My buddy John was in my town attending grad school, and he wanted to meet on a Friday. I hadn't heard from him in 5 years. We were neighbors through middle and high school, but had lost touch after getting into different colleges.

He brought two people I had never met, a dude and a chick, both hella cool. She looked+talked a bit like his ex-gf.

We started a drinking game: everyone shows 1 or 2 fingers, and if someone is different then they take a shot. It took just a couple of rounds before the girl had to drink 3x as much as all the dudes put together.


KOL shares TG link, mentions:

  • new web3 project
  • famous American VC backer
  • dollar amount

Airdrop hunters appear, all with similar behaviors

長話短說 (short + sweet):
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