Help, I may be shadow-banned (written Oct 2023)

October 25, 20233 min read
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  • you paid and set up a Warpcast account, but suddenly it stopped working
  • friends can't find or follow you, and your posts (casts) don't appear
  • next steps are unclear


Since Farcaster went permissionless on 11 Oct 2023, there are messages on Farcaster+TG along the lines of: Pls help, my account stopped working, why?

Symptoms often include:

  • profile does not show up in search
  • new followers disappear after following
  • activity cannot be seen by others
  1. check if your account still exists, e.g., [my Warpcast profile]. If it's not there, your account has violated TOS. You know what you did.

  2. confirm that your activity is blocked in Warpcast:

  • browse to a channel in which you've casted, or

  • find another user's cast to which you've replied

    If your activity can be seen, then you are not blocked. People just don't want to follow you or respond to your casts. What works on other platforms may not work here. Don't blame technology, work on your personality.

  • N.B. your existing followers will be shown your activity, even if you are blocked. Your existing followers may helpfully tell you that everything looks fine.

  1. see if your activity can be seen in alternative clients, each of which follow their own filtering rules. As of today, most alt clients have no noticeable filtering.

    Alt clients with the most users (in Oct 2023) are Cast by Farquest and flink.fyi. Other highly useable alternatives include Opencast, Herocast, Farcord and U3.

Who banned my account?

Dan Romero and Varun Srinivasan are the co-founders of Warpcast. You'd probably never reach out to Elon for problems with your X account, Jack for problems with BlueSky, or Zuck for problems with Threads. However, Dan, Varun & team sometimes take the time to review specific situations.

  1. Review PSA's on expectations for new joiners [1] and [2].

  2. Consider using an alternative client to interact with the Farcaster community: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

    if cost of new signers is an issue

    Try one of the community-operated faucets [example]. This process can be complicated, even for experienced users, and is expected to continue to evolve.

  3. Consider joining one of the active DAOs on the platform, which are generally permissionless. Each has their own requirements for participation and voting. Or, contribute to a Farcaster community formed around a channel. Ask an existing caster to speak up on your behalf.

  4. Appeal to the Warpcast team, ideally with evidence that you will add to qDAU (quality Daily Average Users), as discussed [1], [2] and [3].

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